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Dedicate Sunday services, on a date that works for your church, to address abuse


Every successful journey has a beginning and conclusion. The same is true for the Caring Well Challenge. While the commitment to safety and excellent care persists, your congregation needs to know what came from the Caring Well Challenge they heard about on Launch Sunday.

Step seven is to dedicate your Sunday services, on a date that works for your church, to focus on the subject of abuse and highlight the results of your efforts in the Caring Well Challenge

During this service you will have the opportunity to do four things:

  1. Equip your church to understand what the Bible says about abuse and the refuge God wants His church to be.
  2. Allow your Caring Well team to review the outcomes from each of the elements in the Caring Well Challenge.
  3. Acknowledge the continued need for growth in this area. We want to always be improving in how we prevent and care for the abused.
  4. Pray for those who are still healing from abuse and that God would allow the effects of the Caring Well Challenge to be lasting in the churches that participated.


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