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Commit to the Caring Well Challenge

Churches should be a refuge for those who have experienced abuse. But, too often, survivors haven’t found the protection they deserve and the care they need from the church. Are you ready to join us in changing that?

We hope to see thousands of churches take the Caring Well Challenge. The Challenge is a 12-month, eight-step process of listening, learning, assessing, and launching needed initiatives to ensure that every church is safe for survivors and safe from abuse.

The first of the eight steps in the challenge is simple. Sign up for the Caring Well Challenge so that you get updates throughout the year on what your church needs to be doing next and aids to accomplish your next steps.

Even if your church is not part of the SBC, we invite you to join us in this effort. For the sake of the most vulnerable in our churches and community, we ask you to take this challenge.

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