The American church is facing an abuse crisis.

Is your church doing all it can to be safe for survivors and safe from abuse?

The Caring Well Challenge provides churches with a clear pathway to immediately enhance their efforts to prevent abuse and care for abuse survivors. Will your church join congregations from around the country by committing to the challenge over the next year as an important next step in addressing the abuse crisis?

The centerpiece of the Caring Well Challenge is your commitment to empower a Caring Well Team to lead a year-long effort to enhance how your church addresses abuse. Tools and training will be provided throughout the Caring Well Challenge to give your church the resources it needs to take each step.

Each church that takes the Caring Well Challenge would commit to these eight steps:

1 Commit

Commit to the Caring Well Challenge

2 Build

Build a Caring Well Team to lead your church’s effort

3 Launch

Launch the Caring Well Challenge

4 Train

Train your team

5 Care

Equip leaders through Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused

6 Prepare

Enhance policies, procedures, and practices related to abuse

7 Share

Dedicate Sunday services, on a date that works for your church, to address abuse

8 Reflect

Reflect on the Caring Well Challenge

Who is the Caring Well Challenge for? Churches who sense the urgency of the abuse crisis and are ready to take the next step. It provides a pathway for progress that is flexible enough for your church to start it and attainable enough for your church to complete it.

The ERLC and the Sexual Abuse Advisory Group are grateful for many partnersSouthern Baptist entities, state conventions, associations, and churches as well as outside organizationswho are encouraging the effort of the Caring Well Challenge.

Take the Caring Well Challenge